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On the Relationship between Rituals & Music During Sprin
时间: 2016-03-07 17:43
On the Relationship between Rituals & Music During Spring & Autumn Period
Lecturer: Associate Prof. 
Lecture Time: March, 3, 2016 P.M. 03:45
Lecture Place: Little Theater in College of Music
Lecture Content:
Started from “ritual and music tension” and centered on ceremonies during Spring and Autumn Period, the lecture will analyze rites and music contradictions contained in traditional rites and music culture. 
Introduction of Lecturer:
Dr. Li Hongfeng, male, was born in Fengnan, Tangshan in 1977. He works as associate researcher in Research Institute of Music of the Chinese Academy of Arts, master's supervisor, associate editor of Musicology in China. His main research directions are the history of Chinese ancient music and the study of temperament.
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